For Novel Challenges

We're looking to solve hard problems with innovative solutions, using the latest techniques in the field of machine learning.

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Deep learning

We have expertise in using deep architectures for a range of tasks, including image classification, semantic segmentation and unsupervised generative modelling.

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Bayesian methods

Bayesian statistics forms a principled framework for not only getting your data to predict the answer to your questions but also to find out the uncertainty in those predictions.

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Interpretable insights

Utilising powerful yet understandable models allows for the creation of clear visualisations, resulting in a concise explanation of the data that highlights areas for focus.

Some Recent Projects

A quick look at some of the things we're currently working on. We do research and development work both for clients and as in-house projects.

Semantic segmentation input and output

Semantic segmentation for autonomous driving vision systems

For Cambridge University and Toyota Motor Europe. Using deep convolutional encoder-decoder nets to label pixels in road scenes in order to understand the car's environment.

Sample of 3D pose from 2D skeleton

Constrained inference in deep density models

Using deep density models to learn probabilistic models of high dimensional continuous inputs and then answering inferential queries under arbitrary constraints in these models. For example predicting plausible 3D human poses consistent with the 2D information given by a skeletonisation of a photograph.

Broccoli detection in food photo

Fruit & veg detection in food images

Prototype nutrition app, utilising DNN classifiers to recognise the presence of fruit and veg in food images in order to estimate nutritional value.

About Us

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Kesar Breen

Kesar has several years experience working on computer vision systems, has an interest in tackling novel data science challenges. He holds an Information Engineering Masters from Cambridge University.